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Special Packages

Prenatal Massage PackagePregnancy Massage Package $180
Pregnancy is an amazing time, but the body goes through some rough transitions. Massage has many prenatal benefits and this package is geared towards keeping the rapidly-changing body comfortable throughout and after the pregnancy. The package includes:
2 Prenatal massages
1 Post-natal massage (within 6 months after giving birth)
$10 Discount on Infant Massage Classes 

Corporate Massage by A Caring Touch: Massage Therapy, State College PACorporate Massage - $65/hr
Sitting at a desk all day can cause numerous aches and pains especially in the neck, shoulders, and lower back. Fortunately there is a quick and simple type of massage that can help relieve this specific type of pain. Using a specially designed massage chair allows a tired, sore employee to receive a focused massage on the back and shoulders. The chair itself takes up very little room and can easily be set up in an empty room or the corner of an office. The special design also allows the recipient to receive a beneficial massage without the hassle or embarrassment of having to remove clothing, and eliminates the need for messy oils or creams. This is also a very versatile form of massage, allowing a massage to last anywhere from 5-15 minutes per person depending on how many employees there are and the time available for the treatments. This type of massage is perfect for an end of-quarter reward, a perk during long conference meetings, or just a monthly treat to help employees. Studies have shown that relaxed and pain-free employees are more productive and take more pride in their work. It may not increase job satisfaction, but may decrease medical claims and make the work environment more pleasant.

Massage Party by A Caring Touch: Massage Therapy, State College PAMassage Party - $65/1st hour, $35 each adl. 1/2 hr.
This is the perfect and fun addition to any party. Ideal for Bridal or Baby Showers, Bachlorette Parties, or a simple "Girl's Night". We come to wherever the party is going on and provide simple massages on the back, neck, and shoulders to allow  guests to feel relaxed and special. The specially designed massage chair takes up very little room and can be set near the action without being in the way. This is great for a party with multiple guests because there is no disrobing, no oils, and the individual massages don't take too much time, allowing your guests to not miss a minute of the action.

Longer massages such as 1/2 hour or 1 hour massages with the table are also available for groups. Please contact us for more details and pricing.

Spa and Massage Party by A Caring Touch: Massage Therapy, State College PASpa Party - $250
A step up from the simple massage party. This party lets guests get pampered and messy at the same time. Guests pair up and are led through the application of facials, foot masques, and a body glaze on the arms and legs. Imagine a group of friends covered with colorful mud, plastering it on each other's faces and feet. Great fun! Hold the party wherever is most comfortable - we will bring drapes and coverings so the room doesn't get messy. All guests will also receive a special gift. The listed price is not per person - it is a total that includes all guests.

Spa Party with Massage - $300
The best of both worlds. This includes everything in both the Spa Party, followed by the Chair Massages for all guests.  

Please Note: When scheduling office appointments, please do not use the scheduling software's "Pre-Pay" option - Please select the "Pay in Person" option so payment can be handled at the time of appointment. Thank You.      

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